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Lee Payton and Rhys Harris

16 November 2023

48m 32s

Riley Bennett: From 9-5 Corporate Grind to 6-Figure Amazon Agency



In this episode, we're joined by Riley Bennett, Amazon strategist and co-founder of Amazing Marketing Co. Since ditching the 9-to-5 and moving to Thailand in 2014, Riley has lived in 6 countries and explored 35 as an OG digital nomad.  

Specializing in scaling brands on Amazon using his bespoke 5-Step System, Riley has reshaped the e-commerce landscape for over 300+ businesses. Beyond his agency's success, Riley's blog, Livin' That Life offers insights into the digital nomad lifestyle and e-commerce mastery. 

We discuss transitioning from corporate jobs to nomad life and how valuable YouTube content and courses are for acquiring online skills. We also get into the feelings of fear and excitement that come with taking the leap, and the freedom that comes with living life on your own terms.

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00:00 Transition to Digital Nomad
08:02 Freedom of choice in location
20:57 Invest in courses for personal growth
23:04 Opportunities in online education
28:07 Flexible schedule for client-based business
36:00 Remote work is the future
39:14 Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster
43:06 "New experiences slow down time."