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Podcast by Lee Payton and Rhys Harris

The SoloVenture Podcast

The SoloVenture Podcast discusses the tools and mindset needed to build successful one-person businesses while traveling the world. Lee Payton and Rhys Harris have teamed up to share their experiences with freelancing and being full-time digital nomads. 

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31 January 2024

Quick Listens: Marketing Role Opportunities in 2024

From busy schedules, the importance of co-living and surrounding oneself with like-minded people, meeting in person and ramping up work, the job market and opportunities in copywriting, and the impact of AI on copywriting jobs, this long overdue random show covers it all!

We also get into the importance of tracking work history and analyzing work patterns for professional growth and balance.


  • Regularly evaluate your career satisfaction and consider if it aligns with your long-term goals.
  • Be ruthless in assessing how you spend your time and make choices that lead to personal fulfillment. Starting with low-paying jobs may be necessary, but it doesn't have to be a long-term situation.
  • Finding a balance between work and personal time is essential for overall well-being.

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16 January 2024

Francis Nayan: From Quitting Heroin to Traveling The World

#Soloventure #Freelancer #DigitalNomad

In this episode, we reconnect with Francis Nayan, reminiscing about when we first joined his copywriting coaching program. Francis is a 6-figure freelance writer, living in over 30 countries while working just a few hours per day.

Founder of The Nomad Newsletter, The Nomadic Copywriter, and The Money Menu Mastermind, Francis is passionate about travel, balance, and helping freelancers achieve freedom.

We also explore our history with Francis, from our initial coaching sessions to his role as our ongoing mentor. Listen to learn invaluable lessons from his setbacks. 

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29 November 2023

Hira Osama: Work Less & Earn More With Freelancing

Hira is a conversion copywriter and strategist. She has written for brands that you already know of! She helped raise $1.5M through emails and VSLs in partnership with two agencies this year.

We get into everything freelance, from building a brand from scratch to working with clients all over the world.

She also discusses how her own experience in college led her to realize the lack of opportunities for women in her community and inspired her to empower them through coaching and community building. 

You can check out her website and subscribe to her weekly newsletter:(, where she talks about marketing, psychology, and how to give buyers what they really want. 

Hira lives in Pakistan with her husband and two kids and enjoys her evening with chai and a good show.

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00:00:00 Introduction

00:04:02 Empowering women through education

00:08:15 Copywriting in Pakistan

00:11:58 Overcoming fear of public speaking

00:16:49 Building a personal brand 00:21:06 Breaking into copywriting

00:30:18 Carving Out Family Time

00:33:25 Work-life balance as a parent

00:35:34 Prospecting

00:39:31 Joining a mastermind

00:43:06 Email copywriting and VSLs

00:48:08 Clients' reactions to cultural differences

00:51:14 Assumptions and breaking stereotypes

00:56:13 Major setbacks & Learning



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16 November 2023

Riley Bennett: From 9-5 Corporate Grind to 6-Figure Amazon Agency

In this episode, we're joined by Riley Bennett, Amazon strategist and co-founder of Amazing Marketing Co. Since ditching the 9-to-5 and moving to Thailand in 2014, Riley has lived in 6 countries and explored 35 as an OG digital nomad.  

Specializing in scaling brands on Amazon using his bespoke 5-Step System, Riley has reshaped the e-commerce landscape for over 300+ businesses. Beyond his agency's success, Riley's blog, Livin' That Life offers insights into the digital nomad lifestyle and e-commerce mastery. 

We discuss transitioning from corporate jobs to nomad life and how valuable YouTube content and courses are for acquiring online skills. We also get into the feelings of fear and excitement that come with taking the leap, and the freedom that comes with living life on your own terms.

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00:00 Transition to Digital Nomad
08:02 Freedom of choice in location
20:57 Invest in courses for personal growth
23:04 Opportunities in online education
28:07 Flexible schedule for client-based business
36:00 Remote work is the future
39:14 Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster
43:06 "New experiences slow down time."



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10 November 2023

Connie Hollyer: Rewiring The Brain To Overcome Chronic Illness

Neuro-Transformation & Business Coach Connie Hollyer shares her experience with severe chronic illness and how it completely disrupted her life.

We discuss how she learned to redirect her mind in a way that calmed her nervous system and empowered her to regain control. And how our day-to-day actions are influenced by our beliefs, both empowering and limiting.

She also explains the concept of neuro-transformation and how individuals can rewire their brains to become the best versions of themselves.

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Director, Neuro-Transformation + Business Coach

REPS, CIMSPA, YMCA, Dr Rick Hanson Certified

0780 333 4263



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26 October 2023

Quick Listens: Milestones and Big Reveal

Did you know only 1% of podcasts record more than 6 episodes?

Did you also know only 1% of that 1% make it past 20 episodes?

We're happy to announce we've recorded over 20 shows!

In this episode, we share a few stories, from technical hiccups to what it's like juggling day jobs while producing the show. We also talk about our upcoming newsletter and how we've learned to take on one project at a time to be effective.