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Lee Payton and Rhys Harris

29 November 2023

1h 2s

Hira Osama: Work Less & Earn More With Freelancing



Hira is a conversion copywriter and strategist. She has written for brands that you already know of! She helped raise $1.5M through emails and VSLs in partnership with two agencies this year.

We get into everything freelance, from building a brand from scratch to working with clients all over the world.

She also discusses how her own experience in college led her to realize the lack of opportunities for women in her community and inspired her to empower them through coaching and community building. 

You can check out her website and subscribe to her weekly newsletter:(, where she talks about marketing, psychology, and how to give buyers what they really want. 

Hira lives in Pakistan with her husband and two kids and enjoys her evening with chai and a good show.

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00:00:00 Introduction

00:04:02 Empowering women through education

00:08:15 Copywriting in Pakistan

00:11:58 Overcoming fear of public speaking

00:16:49 Building a personal brand 00:21:06 Breaking into copywriting

00:30:18 Carving Out Family Time

00:33:25 Work-life balance as a parent

00:35:34 Prospecting

00:39:31 Joining a mastermind

00:43:06 Email copywriting and VSLs

00:48:08 Clients' reactions to cultural differences

00:51:14 Assumptions and breaking stereotypes

00:56:13 Major setbacks & Learning